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Census 2010 New Data Options

Official 2010 Data from the Census Bureau - which data set to choose?

The US Census Bureau will release multiple sets of data that all cover issues having to do with the 2010 population and housing characteristics.

First there is the 2010 census, including the Redistricting and the Short Form. These data sets are the official counts of the US population and are required in the constitution as the charge for the USCB. These counts are used for the apportionment of congressional and legislative districts.

Secondly there are the Annual Estimates, these are the official numbers that the USCB releases for the years between censuses. They include population totals and then breakouts by age, race, Hispanic origin, and gender. Geolytics has also modeled many other variables to make the data set more robust and useful.

Third there is the American Community Survey. The ACS was designed to measure the changing social and economic characteristics of the US population but not to provide official counts. Among other things the ACS is collected over multiple years and then merged into a common file.


The 2010 Redistricting data will cover all of the following geographies: Nation, State, County, City/Town, Congressional District, Tract, Block Groups, Blocks, Place, County Subdivision (CMD, CCD), Elementary School District, Secondary School District, Unified School District, American Indian Area/Alaskan Native Area/Hawaiian Home Land (Native Lands), State Legislative District - Lower Chamber, State Legislative District - Upper Chamber, Voting District, Metropolitan Statistical Area, Micropolitan Statistical Area, and Metropolitan Division.

The 2010 Short Form data will cover the following geographies: State, County, Tract, Block Group, Block, MCD/CCD, Place, Congressional divisions and Zip (ZCTA).

Our products will also allow users to run radii from a Latitude/Longitude coordinate.

Estimates 2010/Projections 2015 - will have data for Nation, State, County, Tract and Block Group. Our Professional version also includes Place, MCD (town), and MSA.

2010 Block Estimates Demographic data on population, households and housing units available at the USCB block level.

Historic Census Data (1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000)

2000 Census - available on DVD or online. Get the Long Form (SF3), the Short Form (SF1), or the Redistricting data sets available at many levels of geography including the U.S. Census Bureau block level.

Historic Census Data: 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990 Get historic census data with our suite of census data products for 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990. These products offer all of their historic census data in their original geographic boundaries. If you want the historic data cross-walked to the 2000 geographic boundaries for comparison with the 2000 Census, then see our Normalized Data Products.

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